Starkey Citizens for a Clean & Healthy Environment

The Town of Starkey is located in Yates County in the Finger Lakes area of upstate NY. The village of Dundee is within the town's borders, and part of its eastern boundary takes in a portion of the shore of Seneca Lake.

A group of Starkey residents, concerned about the negative impact High Volume, Horizontal Hydrofracking (HVHF) would likely have on the town of Starkey, should it be approved statewide, began meeting regularly in 2011. Members studied the issue by reading reports and peer reviewed studies, attending forums, etc. Information and planning meetings were organized and "Starkey Citizens for a Clean and Healthy Environment" was founded in late 2011.

A temporary moratorium prohibiting hydrofracking passed by the Town Board in 2012 expires in April, 2013 . The Starkey Town Board must file for an extension in order for the Town to remain protected from hydrofracking while the Town Planning Board completes work on a new Comprehensive Plan. To this end, the Starkey Planning Board is presently reviewing the results of a comprehensive, twenty-two question survey recently sent to all Starkey residents and property owners. In part, the survey showed that approximately 70 percent of those who filled out and returned the survey do not want horizontal hydrofracking to be allowed in the Town of Starkey.

Starkey Citizens for a Clean and Healthy Environment is comprised of many Starkey residents who are committed to protecting their beautiful town.

If you wish to join a meeting, or would like to assist in any way, call (585) 314-0878 or email

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