Starkey Citizens for a Clean & Healthy Environment
Mission Statement:

The purpose of the “Starkey Citizens for a Clean and Healthy Environment” is to promote the preservation of the character of the Town of Starkey by researching the facts regarding potential environmental and economic threats to its character, such as hydrofracking , with the goal of informing and educating our citizens and our elected officials and administrators, in order to enact the zoning to effectively meet those challenges.

The Town of Starkey and our peaceful rural area on the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake is at a crossroads. Many local residents fear that this peaceful serenity, and our growing, multi-million dollar wine and tourism economy, healthy country air and pure clean water will soon be threatened by shale gas drilling. New York City and Skaneateles watersheds were given exemptions from this high risk, heavy industrial activity. The remainder of the Finger Lakes watersheds, including our Town of Starkey will be open for drilling if Governor Cuomo approves fracking for New York State. Then, the descriptors above will be replaced by heavy truck traffic, hillsides pock-marked by drilling rigs, the smell of chemicals in the air, and noisy compressors running day and night.

Can anything be done to protect our communities, and the health and welfare of our residents? Helen and David Slottje, lawyers with the non-profit, Community Environmental Defense Council, Inc. (, have pointed out that communities do not have to allow an activity that doesn’t fit the character of their town and is not what residents want in their locality. They have coached many communities to create and pass zoning designed to keep heavy industrial activity such as hydrofracking out of their locality using the New York State home rule law.

In the nearby town of Jerusalem on February 15, 2012, Supervisor Daryl Jones spoke to a standing room only crowd at the Town Hall when he introduced a motion for the adoption of Town of Jerusalem Local Law H-2011. He closed his comments with, "Most important to me was the research and analysis that presented facts that fracking as it is currently done is not safe. It is not safe for the waters we drink. It is not safe for the crops we grow and the produce we eat. It is not safe for the livestock we raise. And it is not safe for the waters of Keuka Lake in which our children and grandchildren swim, fish, and play. Research proved without a doubt that property values, agriculture and tourism would suffer if fracking came to our town”.

All across the state communities are doing the same, refusing to accept what they believe is harmful for their community and detrimental to the health and safety of their residents. It is our hope that the citizens of Starkey will demand a hydrofracking ban in the Town of Starkey.

A public hearing will be held on the 9th of July at the Starkey Town Hall, 40 Seneca St. at 7:00 PM. *Following the public hearing the Town Councilmen will vote on whether to approve the zoning law changes. Please attend and show your support for the law which will ban heavy industrial activity in the Town including hydrofracking.


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Starkey Citizens for a Clean and Healthy Environment

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